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Our Mission

To seek first His kingdom and righteousness above all else. To bring Heaven to earth and create an atmosphere of Love, joy, peace and righteousness in The Holy Spirit. So we can reflect our King’s nature and life style in all that we say and do. So we can impact, influence and change the world we live in. That every person we come in contact with will know the Love Of Christ. By knowing His love they will be set free from any and everything that binds them.


For broken hearts to be made whole again by the power of God’s presence and the beauty of discipleship.


See sons and daughters take up their identities and live the abundant life that Jesus died to give them.

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners

Isaiah 61:1


The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners

Isaiah 61:1


Pastor Shawn Day


My heart is to start a ministry that focuses on the root issue of addiction and all the other destruction going on in the lives of men and women today. This root issue is fatherlessness. 90% of all troubled men and women come from a fatherless home. This is very dear to my heart as I myself grew up not knowing my father. I always had an empty feeling inside of me, trying to fill the emptiness with drugs and alcohol.  That, eventually, almost killed me. I went through a great ministry at Life Changers Outreach for close to 4 years. That is where I gave my life to Jesus Christ!  Most of all, He filled my heart with the most amazing feeling of love I’ve ever felt!  The power of His love filled every brokenness and emptiness my heart had. Now I want to share that love with the world.  It is my purpose and my passion that every soul know the love of Christ. That everything that comes out of them, comes from being rooted in love and that everything that comes against them will not shake them because they are grounded in love. To restore the hearts of fathers back to the children and the hearts of children back to the fathers... that’s what our Father wants to do today.


Tonya Day

Co-Founder/Admininstration/Inner Healing Ministry

I am the Co- founder of  Met By Love Ministries. I serve in various capacities at MBL which includes Administration, Inner Healing Ministry and MBL Gift Shop.

God has brought healing and restoration in my life and has given me a heart for those who are hurting. I desire to help others find freedom in Christ. His compassion flows through me to minister life and healing to those God leads here and to those who cross my path.
It’s an honor to serve my Lord and others here at MBLM.

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Pastor Joe Hagler

Pastor/Executive Director

 I grew up in a loving home where both parents loved me unconditionally. I grew up in church but lacked that personal relationship with Christ. I raced motocross until I was 16 and then had to give it up due to a sudden illness that I would end up having to learn how to deal with. In that moment I turned from God and was real angry with Him. So I turned to drugs. I was smoking weed and drinking to not deal with life. Once I graduated high school I got introduced to OxyContin. That lasted for about 3 years. They became hard to find so I turned to Heroin which made me a person nobody wanted to be around. It didn’t matter who I had to steal from to get high I was doing it. Heroin took me down a 17 year road of Hell on earth. It had me rob, steal, and manipulate the ones that loved me the most. In 2016 my mom was diagnosed with Stage Four Terminal Bone Cancer and was giving only 6 months to live. In that moment My life revolved around getting high. I shot dope everywhere from the church bathroom to my own bathroom and everywhere in between. I had become bitter anger I hated myself. Oh yea, did I mention I was taking Xanax as well. My life was a wrecking ball destroying everything and everyone around me. My mom began to beg me to do something with my life. She just wanted to see me free from the bondages I had.So in the beginning of 2017 I found myself in like my 10 rehab program but I was serious and willing to do whatever I had to not live that lifestyle anymore. I remember crying out to Jesus for Him to deliver me from this addiction and let my mom live to see me bury this once and for all that would bring Him glory. He delivered me for sure instantly no dope sick or anything. He spared my moms life for Her to be able to see me be set aside for the calling He has on my life. He brought this hopeless dope fiend from the pit of Hell and not only only set my feet on solid ground but set my life on fire to reach those that are steal struggling. I now know what I was searching is only found in Jesus. Can I tell He didn’t just die for me He died for you as well. That blood that was shed was shed for you as well. So if u are searching but still feel empty Hit your knees and cry out to the one that can fulfill you. I thank God today that I am redeemed I am who He says I am but most importantly I am a Child of God who is willing and ready to take The Gospel Of Jesus Christ to this lost and dying world.


Jessica Hagler

Community & Donor Relations

After 20 years of drug addiction and hopelessness I was introduced to Jesus and he transformed my life. He has restored my life, my family, and healed my body and soul. There is nothing that I need more than His presence in my life. I am forever changed because of Him.


Daniel Cashion

Program Director/Inner Healing Ministry

I’m from the mountains of western North Carolina. I grew up excelling in sports and school but troubles at home quickly led me to a life of destructive choices. By the age of 21 I had been to prison twice and dedicated my life to criminal activity. I went through all drugs available to cope with my lifestyle. I ended up being addicted to crystal meth and heroin using needles. With no resources or bridges left to burn, a last chance offer from my father led me to a Christian rehabilitation center and I was saved 6/6/2017. The Lord has been with me all my life and once I started applying his knowledge and wisdom my restoration began. He restored my family, my confidence and my character. I came to Met By Love and was truly discipled in Kingdom living by Pastor Shawn Day and was shown an authentic love I have never experienced before. My brothers Joe and Ricky have been there as well every step of the way.


Joy Rider

Pastor/Teacher/Inner Healing Ministry

I’m a wife, a mother of five, and a Mimi of two precious grandchildren. Those are all the things I wanted to be growing up and I had no idea that my life would lead me into full-time ministry as a pastor and teacher.

Born and raised in the beautiful mountains of western NC, I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else ... except, of course, when I was running from the Lord! But isn’t that how it is for most of us?

I grew up in church and asked Jesus to come into my heart when I was seven years old. My family traveled the southeast, singing the gospel and ministering to people from many different walks of life. We saw lives changed in miraculous ways!

However, our home life was quite a different story. We grew up in a home filled with anger, fear, and abuse while the outside world believed we had it all together. We were a family that lived two very different lifestyles and because of this I learned how to be great at pretending I was OK.

Sadly, I have found this to be the “norm” for many people, but thanks to the mercy and grace of God, we don’t have to keep pretending and we can stop the cycle of brokenness - we can actually be made whole!

Today, I find great joy in leading others into the peace that comes from having an authentic relationship with Jesus and sharing with them the hope that only He can bring. What an amazing thing it is to watch the Holy Spirit reveal Himself to someone who feels they have no worth only to realize that they are priceless!

I am honored to be a part of Met By Love Ministries and the team that Pastor Shawn has put together. I look forward to what God has in store!


Cody Bingle

Intake Coordinator

I was raised up in a loving family and I decided on my own that I would get into drugs. I was on hard drugs since I was 16 and In and out of jail since I was 18 but thanks to God and Met By Love Ministries I devoted my life to Christ and I’ve been clean for a year and 5 months! God be the glory!